Novel Writing

It is too easy to write a novel but it is difficult to write a prize winning novel in your own words!

Many fiction novels are being written daily by different writers but it is difficult to have prize winning content in them. A lot of work is there to be done if someone is writing a novel and want to increase its readership in the market. A novel must be published only when it is written properly because random novels don’t run in the market for long. 

Be the Best Seller!!

Out of thousand of novels, only few are able to make it to the best seller award. What makes it better from other novels. If you want to be the one out of the crowd and your novel to be the one crowned for the best seller?

Then, it is required for your novel to include proper characterization, effective plot development, unity of place, unity of time and unity of actions as these features helps to attract the attention of readers. Thus, good and effective plot development is the prerequisite for writing a first-rate novel.

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There are some things which we need from you. These are:

  • Name of the Protagonist’s
  • Some lines about Leading Character
  • Some lines about supporting character
  • Motivation from leading character in the story
  • Motivation from the supporting character in the novel
  • Goals of leading and supporting characters
  • Conflicts of the leading and supporting characters.
  • Goal of the novel
  • Epiphany of the leading and supporting characters.



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