SEO Testimonial Writing

Publishing testimonials on your business website is an ordinary practice. If you want to publicize your business then take help of SEO testimonial writing.

To write meaningful customer testimonials, it must be:

  • Quantifiable: Put hard numbers in testimonials as it adds meaning to the testimonials. If customers say that he/she have saved lot of time while doing business with you then ask the accurate amount that they have saved and tell them to add figures on testimonials.
  • Authentic: There are many companies who advertise their products and services through testimonials. People hardly believe that such testimonials are original. To make them believable, it is required to post photograph of customers along with their real name. Through this you can easily prove that testimonials posted on your website are real.
  • Approved: You should get approval or permission in written to make use of customer’s testimonial. Create meaningful testimonial by adding real names and pictures. Always take approval before doing this. We present real testimonials writing services.
  • Specific: Customer should mention the reason that why they like your services or products because testimonial is useless without reason. Specific reason must be there why they liked it. Suppose a customer wrote that “it was wonderful to do business with you” it will not make any sense because he has not written the specific reason for it.
  • Diverse: Customer testimonials must be provided by diverse audience. If you will use same testimonial again then you may lose meaning of it because. You should get different collection from diverse audience or customers. Only this will give originality to your testimonials.

Why you should choose SEOContentOnline for SEO testimonial writing?

  • We provide content that are believable, truthful and reliable. It will help you to built strong link with your customer.
  • Customers are very intelligent, they know about various marketing strategies. Thus don’t try to catch the attention of customers with big promises. Just follow the translucent and genuine approach. It will result in better sales also.
  • We will show your strengths in testimonials. It is necessary to highlight your business strong point in testimonial. Customers should feel good while reading your business testimonial; it should be written in such a way that people can know about your services and products.
  • Testimonials should be short and appealing. We write short and engaging testimonials which focus on the important aspect of products only.