SEO Landing Page Writing

There are a number of SEO companies who are selling SEO services within a “black box”. By black box, we mean to say that the customer who is purchasing the services is least known about the tactics which are involved into it. They are just enticed by the fake promises and stats. These SEO firms never make it clear about how the things are actually accomplished. And the one, who gets punished for the use of shady techniques, is the customer.

This is the reason for why we, at SEO Content Online, are extremely dedicated towards making our clients know about the working of our SEO team. One of the key factors which are handled by this team is the SEO landing page writing. These landing pages are completely focussed on the use of keywords and are optimised on the basis of keywords only. There are a number of people who are very much confused between the SEO landing pages and normal pages of a website and so we decided to make them clear about the things so that they can also get a proper result of whatever they are doing.

The basic purpose of SEO landing pages is to force people for coming to your website and then making them stay for a while. Yes, this is the basic idea behind SEO landing page writing. And this is achieved by targeting a particular page specifically in a particular chain of keywords and minute variations on them. These keywords are incorporated in the text and as well as in the header part of the articles or any other writing piece.  If the optimization of a page is done in a proper manner then the page appears in the top results during the search of particular keyword and thus more and more people will get connected to your website. This optimization helps a lot in drawing more and more traffic for a website and thus your overall profits and popularity is increased.

One more thing which is required to be present in these landing pages is that they should be so gripping that the attention of people is drawn easily and the one who is navigating through the website is just clicking around the things. This is why the landing page of a website should be perfectly designed and written, rather than just being stuffed with a lot of keywords.

You can also add some relevant pictures and videos which can draw more attention of people towards the pages of your website.

The landing pages are generally not visible in the navigation of the website and this is why they can’t be treated as a substitute for the content present on your website. The major role of landing pages is to attract and draw traffic towards the website and then shift or divert it towards the conversion pages.

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