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96 best ways to increase backlinks from the Year 2016 Onwards

8 Jun , 2015  

How to increase backlinks to your website or blog? Here are 96 best ways to increase backlinks fast from the year 2016 onward.

how to increase backlinks

Whenever we discuss the subject of online promotion from the perspective of SEO, then we generally bifurcate it into off site and on site search engine optimization. The SEO which is executed off site mainly comprises of social signals and backlinks. If you are keen to boost your presence in the search engine results page (SERP), then it is pivotal for you to get some of the best links from some of the authorized websites active on the Internet.

The significance of the search engine traffic is inevitable and that is the reason why high quality backlinks are one of the major arsenals to improve the ranking of your existing blogs. The concerned post will help you to get familiar with 96 ways to access quality backlinks for your blog.
But before we proceed, it is essential to make yourself familiar with some of the facts. In April, 2012, the premier search engine Google introduced the Penguin update to eliminate the sites that are indulged in paid or spammy ways to create links. That is the reason why it is essential to remain more cautious while acquiring the links, as it is necessary to make the assessment of both quality and authenticity.  Besides the quality of links, the quality and variety of the anchor text is also important to be kept in mind. Instead of building an enormous amount of backlinks to your concerned homepage, it is essential to work in order to create links to the internal pages as well. Here, you can simply take the assistance of resource pages, for instance “WordPress guide” and then create links to them. It is an effortless way to target both single and double words based keywords.

Link Building methods you should stop immediately to save your website from Google Penalty

Firstly, we would discuss about a few of the critical link building methods that you should avoid under any situation.
•    It is best not to take site wide link based in the footer (i.e. WordPress plugins or themes)
•    It is best to evade the identical anchor text link. If you wish to have a proportion of the variation in the anchor text, then the most advisable would be 40%,20%,20%,10%,10%.
•    If you tend to buy links in bulk from the websites like Fiverr, then it is better to avoid one such step.
•    If you tend to go to the link networks like Build My Rank, then it is best to shun the strategy as these websites already got penalized by Google.
•    If you are taking the help of the article directory or BlogRoll links, then it is better to overlook one such strategy as it is not effective anymore.

It is worth mentioning that if you are keen to get quality backlinks, then guest posting is one of the approaches that will not only aid you to drive online traffic, but also get preference in the eyes of the search engines.

Some of the smart tricks for the bloggers in order to get quality links are as follows

The technique of broken link building is one of the quickest ways to get backlinks from the high quality pages. It is a simple technique to trace the broken links on a particular website (associated to your niche) and notify the content owner about the broken link. Additionally, provide the content owner an identical link from your website and request them to update their concerned post.

1.    Submit the guest post to different other blogs.
2.    Comment on the blogs that contain ‘do follow’ links and ensure that the concerned blogs are pertinent to your own online blogs. Yes, it is true that they may not carry a great link value, but would be still advantageous as a better sum of all its parts on the link profile.
3.    Commence some of the relevant threads in the forum posts and render redirecting links to the blog posts written by you.
4.    For the forums of high quality, it is indispensable to link your blogs with the forum signatures.
5.    It is true that social bookmarking is also an effective tool to attain backlinks and your target should include some of the networks like Google +, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and so on.
6.    Try to make smarter use of the discussion boards available on the Internet by providing blog links among the threads. Here, Quora is one of the most popular high quality discussion boards available on the Internet.
7.    There are blogging communities available readily to accept quality blog posts. Make a use of such blog communities over the Internet like Inbound, Blog Engage, etc
8.    If you tend to post questions on your blog, then link the blog to the popular Answer Sites such as Yahoo! Answers.
9.    Participate in the answer session of Yahoo Answers, if you have concrete answers to the questions and pass on your blog as a relevant source dealing with the matter.
10.    While writing a blog post, make sure to link it with the other posts written by you. The process of interlinking the blog ascertain a better ranking of your previously written blogs as well.
11.    If you have more bloggers concerned with your niche, then exchanging links with them is not bad at all. Try to form a link pyramid and try to sustain it as naturally as possible.
12.    If you have written quality blogs, then make sure to submit them to the Top Blogging Directories.
13.    You can send an email to influencer to write on the identical topic and motivate to share the writing on the social media. You never know how much impact one single email can create. So don’t hesitate to give it a shot!
14.    Please ensure the submission of your blog to the premier niche directories.
15.    Make sure to create a network comprising other bloggers operating both offline and online and the original links will involuntarily follow you.
16.    Make sure that you timely submit all your blog posts among different social bookmarking websites, names of which are familiar to you.
17.    Ensure the submission of your blog posts to the major social networking platforms active on the Internet.
18.    StumbleUpon  is one of the best websites for the process of article submission.
19.    Ensure an online campaign to viral all your written blogs on the peak social bookmarking sites. One such effort would simply fetch you tons of useful backlinks from the authorized websites.
20.    Press releases can turn out to be an effective tool to make users aware about the important updates. If you are making a comparison of the best products available within your niche, then sending a press release about the same would definitely arouse interest among the individuals who like to follow your posts.
21.    Make sure to submit RSS feeds to the RSS directories.
22.    There are many forums that contain website review forum. You can certainly review your written blogs over such forums.
23.    Launch a no cost wordpress plugin and incorporate a link to your blog through it. But please note that anchor text links that are sitewide are not advisable at all.
24.    You can assemble your ebooks or rather release software to .exe and then you can accomplish the task of submission to the premier software websites that are available on the Internet.
25.    You can convert all the blog posts of yours to the PDF format and thereafter submit them to the major document sharing websites.
26.    It is best to review the major companies and their products and services, as they may link back.
27.    Fetch the benefit from outbound link SEO. Create a link love post on weekly basis and try to connect with as many bloggers as possible.
28.    Conduct the interview of the premier bloggers online and ask for their aid to share your work on their preferred social networks.
29.    Render testimonials for the marketers as well as submit your link during the process. The chances are high that they will link back.
30.    Make a proper use of the web 2.0 sites that are available on the Internet like Squidoo in order to promote your posts.
31.    Please maintain the quality of the content on a high scale, that will simply fetch you the strong backlinks.
32.    Write some of the controversial blog posts to attract the attention online.
33.    Write the posts that contains news, and be sure to be among the first few people to write over the news.
34.    The submission of your blog posts to the CSS directories is also one of the effectual ways to get backlinks.
35.    You can request other bloggers to interview you.
36.    Write some of the linkbait posts.
37.    Make sure that you write some of the top list posts as they easily go viral.
38.    Make a blog post that contains the comparison between the top gurus within your niche.
39.    You can go for a post mentioning some of the upcoming talented bloggers and incorporate the reasons why you like them. Chances are high that they will follow you and you will also get links from them.
40.    You can trade some of the good articles with the other bloggers  available within your niche.
41.    Make the submission of your website to Dmoz. There are several directories that make the use of it in order to fetch quality, healthy backlinks.
42.    Try to get authorized backlinks. One of the easiest ways is to do the blog submission on .gov and .edu blogs and forums. Backlinks from such websites are loved and preferred by Google!
43.    Try to make the best use of the online groups like Yahoo! Groups and Google Groups.
44.    Build a Wikipedia page with purpose to include some of the quality links in the resource section.
45.    Try to create the posts with the term “the ultimate” in the blog title. It is generally observed that blogs with one such title usually avail more than 20 back links each.
46.    Commence a blogging contest and in terms of participation make it mandatory to link with your blog.
47.    You can attain a plethora of backlinks by sponsoring a blogging contest.
48.    Make online donations to the charity websites  and you can attain links to your site from them.
49.    If you are savvy enough to create online technical tools, then several people will link with your tool as well as the blogs written on it by you.
50.    Ensure a huge product launch online.
51.    Try to create the online hype with the news under any circumstances.
52.    Launch a personal Firefox extension and create a page fully dedicated to it. People will surely link to it.
53.    Try to write blogs about the career and lifestyles of the celebrities.
54.    Provide your services to the top players of your niche. You will certainly get the credit in the footer of their website or page.
55.    Write over 100 posts on the social issues in order to acquire the natural links.
56.    Create a top blogger award and bestow it upon as many bloggers as you can (with talent, of course) within your niche, and they will backlink to you.
57.    If your theme has been created by a particular designer, then ask him/her to showcase your website as an example over their portfolio. That will also help you to get enough backlinks from the visitors.
58.    Create blog posts that contain useful manuals and tutorials, as they receive more number of potential visitors and backlinks.
59.    Create a membership website or a very useful ebook portal and in terms of access and participation make it mandatory to link with your blog.
60.     There are several good resume directories, where the resume submission can be done by you. Make sure to add the link to your blog in your submitted resume.
61.     Study online about the practical or sensitive subjects that get more backlinks and write posts on them.
62.    Write ‘how to’ posts to attain more backlinks.
63.    In order to get more backlinks, commence the posts with the numbers like “8 tips to…” or “5 ways to…”, as the numerics are prioritized by the search engines these days.
64.    Please ensure the image submission to the popular image directories and ascertain that it include the link to your post. Flickr and Instagram are among the most popular websites.
65.    Participate in the blogging contests. If you win, then you would probably get more backlinks than you could ever imagine.
66.    It is necessary to make things effortless for the readers who actually like your posts. That is the reason why you can simply put “spread the word” or “link to us” page at the end of your blog in order to ask the readers to backlink you.
67.    In order to get authorized backlinks that are admired by Google, make the submission of your site to the local business directories.
68.    Write your views on the website and render a link to your post in it. Your writings will be crawled by a number of individuals and will automatically increase your backlinks.
69.    Try to make smarter use of the ‘April Fool’.
70.    Include some of the hilarious jokes in your blog posts. For instance, “Bill Gates sold Microsoft to Apple for $300 billion”. Such sorts of jokes will magnetize tons of backlinks as well as retweets, of course, before the people would realize the reality behind the joke.
71.    Try to create the tutorials that are niche specific. The tutorials have to be exclusive and meaningful to the online community.
72.    Create YouTube videos that tend to go viral and incorporate blog links and description to it.
73.    If feasible, provide surplus free downloads from your blogs.
74.    A regular update of your blog is imperative. It will ensure that your website is trustworthy and would rank high with the right keywords. It will not only bring more traffic but more backlinks as well.
75.    Try to write a remarkable post with additional pictures relevant to the subject.
76.    Make a comparison between top two brands of a particular niche, and it will arouse curiosity within the people and they will backlink it.
77.     Assemble a collection of top quality paid things and provide them online for free. But stress upon the fact that you are not violating any kind of copyright agreement.
78.    Build a directory and make it significant to respond link by providing those who create highest backlinks. Make sure that you offer a free feature to such parties over your homepage.
79.    Conduct Beta test on ample number of products and provide reviews as well as the tips to enhance the product. There is a chance that the creators of the product might link you.
80.     Run few of the important surveys over your blog and update the results, so that everyone can see it. It will help you to get lots of backlinks.
81.    Create a list of “top 5 myths” or “top 5 mistakes” on a subject after conducting some relevant research.
82.    Try to create or showcase your authority over your niche and don’t forget to get the media attention.
83.    Always, propose and introduce yourself as a speaker for the seminars and events associated with your market niche. It is important that you mention about your blog during the time in order to fetch backlinks later on.
84.    Try to develop a special yet peculiar writing style in order to get the attention of the readers.
85.    Always be honest and transparent while writing on your blog.
86.    Make sure that you are listed over the top paid directories such as BOTW directory and the Yahoo directory.
87.    If you have products then list them on Amazon or Ebay and integrate a backlink to your blog.
88.    Build a podcast and provide to Itunes and get a backlink to your blog through it.
89.    Build web apps and offer them to the app directories like Go2Web20.
90.    Write a very helpful and awe-inspiring whitepaper and take the support of your blogging friends in order to allocate it online. Please make sure that you include the blog link in the distributed whitepaper.
91.    Conduct a contest offering physical products to the people absolutely for free. But in terms of participation/ or membership make it mandatory to link with your blog.
92.    Stay updated with the hottest topics and make sure to write blogs on them.
93.    Keep an eye on the important events and celebrations like independence day, war memorial day, etc. and write a blog about them.
94.    Kick start an affiliate program.
95.    Build a section on your blog dedicated to the news and update it on a timely basis.
96.    Consult magazines and newspapers of your niche and write stories about them and convince them to backlink to your blog.
It is not necessary that you indulge yourself in the unethical online marketing practices in order to get the desired exposure. Opt for these 96 legitimate yet powerful techniques to acquire quality backlinks from the year 2016 onwards.

These are best ways to increase backlinks naturally! Guys please try these methods and let me know if my blog post is useful for you. Your comments are awaited!

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